A major part of my grandma’s happiness lies in receiving a call from me or any of her grandkids. She seems the utmost grateful to be able to see me in great health through a simple video even miles away. For her, it’s almost revolutionary to feel so close just through a small rectangular box. It’s more than a video call and almost like a warm hug and a kiss from her every time I get to speak to her. 

All the GenZ and GenY never fully understand what technology is or has done to the world. But only the eyes of our grandparents and parents can explain it the best. We take it for granted as it’s never something we actually learn, but naturally embedded in us. It’s almost feels like we were born to be Google dependent to reach the different routes in life. I often feel grateful for the internet boom, but get sad thinking how I actually live in a world of screens. Even people today are only seen in screens. 

However, the important thing here is that in this fast emerging tech universe, our grandparents are still willing to learn, grow and adapt to it. They know they can’t compete with us, but in order to see and get us to talk to them, they understand this is the only way. All the elderly want is to show their future generations that they can Netflix party with us even though it takes them hours to log into it. 

Their hearts almost break when they want order something online for their grandkids birthday and aren’t able to it. They feel frustrated, irritated and tensed as well, but they never give up. We think of them as unperceptive and often turn a blind eye on their willingness to be as GenZ as us, because we directly assume it’s impossible. 

All we have to do it is take the time to be patient with them. They just want to spend time with us, be like us and keep up with our AI operated world, if it’s just a miniscule bit. So next time, your grandma can’t book an Uber on her phone, don’t do it for her, but explain her the steps in layman’s language, and trust me, she’ll love that way more. 

After all, Grandparents only leap into our world of smartphones and Whatsapp messages, to know if we have eaten, and if we haven’t they’ll just go back to the traditional way and make us some parathas. 

By Nishtha Bahal

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