FortyNine – FiftyOne

A duo who’s full of ideas, thoughts and dreams but there are times one of us is better than the other, and vice versa. However, we still make a perfect century. Perfect One Hundred. That’s our strength: If one falls a step behind, the other silently works towards an extra step. Thus, the name FortyNine – FiftyOne


Japanese (n.) the beauty of imperfection; an acceptance of things as they are. This past year I juggled my time between Netflix series, watching K-dramas, learning skills and polishing my knowledge to some extent. All this while, at the back of my mind I wanted myself to be more productive with every passing day becauseContinue reading “Wabi-Sabi”


A major part of my grandma’s happiness lies in receiving a call from me or any of her grandkids. She seems the utmost grateful to be able to see me in great health through a simple video even miles away. For her, it’s almost revolutionary to feel so close just through a small rectangular box.Continue reading “GranZ”


Human beings relish the privilege of lying. Before the first of January, we prepare a list with goals to achieve. Making resolutions is not bad, but being accustomed to the habit of not fulfilling those resolutions is worse. Today, it’s normalized and has almost become a tradition to break promises made to one’s own self.Continue reading “You-turn”

Kindred Spirits

A grandmother next door is always seen busy in her thoughts. Every day I smile and greet her, but never strike a conversation further. She seems very fond of me, and one evening she urged me to come over for tea. Out of curiosity, I questioned her about her family and laughingly she said, “LetContinue reading “Kindred Spirits”

Perpetual Footprints

The day of 24th October was supposed to be just a bright sunny day in the forests of Queenstown; where tourists like us signed contracts in a jiffy while trying our best to neglect the chills we felt while reading the minute-sized line at the bottom saying ‘any injury caused to oneself would be consideredContinue reading “Perpetual Footprints”

Seek Discomfort

The word ‘canyoneering’ was very foreign to me. You were supposed to slide, swim, and walk through rocks around waterfalls and in the end jump from cliffs of different heights in extremely cold water. And to do all of this in a day at the falls in Cebu, Philippines seemed like a strenuous activity, thatContinue reading “Seek Discomfort”

Pure Courtship

Every time my friends and I saw Priya talking to the coconut tree we made fun of her, how hilarious a sight to see a human hanging out with a tree. Priya is in her thirties and stays in my building, we often bullied her not realising the repercussions that we might have caused. TheContinue reading “Pure Courtship”

I vs Us

Every day a huge pandemonium of parrots sit between five and six-thirty in the morning on a long cable wire a few blocks from my house. They come from the far south of Mumbai which is covered with mangroves and fly far north every single day. It almost seems like they take a little stopoverContinue reading “I vs Us”

Another Dawn Overlooked

John Muir had said ‘How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains’. Whether it’s a beach or a mountain, sunshine is always their favourite accessory. The sunrise is so simplistic and gorgeous, just like our life; which is as beautiful to stop and take a picture. There is a reason that sunrises have beenContinue reading “Another Dawn Overlooked”


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