Welcome to FortyNine – FiftyOne.

A duo who’s full of ideas, thoughts and dreams but there are times one of us is better than the other, and vice versa. However, we still make a perfect century. Perfect One Hundred. That’s our strength: If one falls a step behind, the other silently works towards an extra step. Thus, the name FortyNine – FiftyOne


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Japanese (n.) the beauty of imperfection; an acceptance of things as they are. This past year I juggled my time between Netflix series, watching K-dramas, learning skills and polishing my knowledge to some extent. All this while, at the back of my mind I wanted myself to be more productive with every passing day becauseContinue reading “Wabi-Sabi”


A major part of my grandma’s happiness lies in receiving a call from me or any of her grandkids. She seems the utmost grateful to be able to see me in great health through a simple video even miles away. For her, it’s almost revolutionary to feel so close just through a small rectangular box.Continue reading “GranZ”


Human beings relish the privilege of lying. Before the first of January, we prepare a list with goals to achieve. Making resolutions is not bad, but being accustomed to the habit of not fulfilling those resolutions is worse. Today, it’s normalized and has almost become a tradition to break promises made to one’s own self.Continue reading “You-turn”

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